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Land Preparation

Rhome – Karat

Intensive work in shallow and deep stubble cultivation.  The cultivator is suited for both the first, shallow stubble cultivation across the full surface after combine harvesting and for subsequent, deeper passes with intensive mixing.  Working on a depth of between 5 and 30cm.

Rip – Rovic Leer

The ripper have specifically been designed to work in stony soils with high clay content and a medium depth plough bank. The unique design of the shank minimizes the breaking of clods and in doing so facilitates seedbed preparation.  The ripper tines in turn have been developed to work in stony/sandy soils with a deep plough bank. The unique design of the shank allows for quick and easy deep penetration in the toughest of soils.  Working depth of between 500mm-800mm

Rubin – Disc

Compact disc harrow with deep impact.  The Disc Harrow includes an implement that can operate at the same 20 cm working depth as a cultivator. It is therefore suitable both for stubble cultivation and for primary soil tillage, even in very heavy soil conditions.

Bed Preparation – Qualidisc

The Qualidisc family offers exclusive performance combining high speed, full cutting with a flat bottom profile and intensive mixing quality with the highest amount of residues. The unique cutting angles provide the best results in all conditions.

An all-in-one function

Mechanical Planting

This automatic chopped cane planter performs up to seven tasks in one pass, avoiding the compaction caused by multiple operations. It opens the furrow, plants the seed cane chopped by the harvester, applies fungicide or growth promoter, places granular fertiliser, covers and seals the furrow and applies liquid fertiliser at speeds of between 8km/h and 12km/h.

Advantages of Mechanical Planting:

  • Minimum Labour component
  • All in one function rather than ridging, planting, closing, fertilizer application
  • Plant 8-10ha per day
The many advantages of

Mechanical Harvesting

Harvesting of chopped cane (Billets) not longer than 300mm in length at a rate of 60tons per hour.  All the Harvesters are equipped with Harvest monitors that enables cost saving decisions on harvesting and farming practices.  Harvest Monitor gathers and analyses valuable harvest information, enabling sugarcane producers to make smarter decisions that drive down harvesting costs and improve overall farming practices.

Through the John Deere Operations Centre, the data can be processed to generate yield and other valuable maps and reports that will guide producers into making the right decisions on soil and water management, chemical application, crop renewal, field layout, equipment logistics, and much more.

Advantages of Mechanical harvesting:

  • No Burn to crush delay
  • Less labour
  • No Quality loss
  • Water saving – Lower electricity usage
  • Less herbicides and pesticides due to trash blanket
  • In field traffic control
  • Surface drip – do not have to remove with MECH Harvesting
  • Mechanical Harvesting – John Deere CH570
Ensuring an even, beautiful looking crop



  • Fertiliser
  • Lime
  • Gypsum
  • Dry organic material

Spreading is all about productivity and versatility. This farming equipment is ideal for rows of crop to large-scaled farming jobs.  The spreader are all equipped with 3m band placement and fitted with ISOBUS. This system controls the spinner speed as well as the chain conveyor speed which in turn controls he rate and spread pattern.

All tractors are equipped with rate controllers that will reduce input costs and can apply fertilizers, lime, gypsum, and dry organic material at a variable rate from prescription card.


By welcoming iZolima onto your sugar farm, you will experience first-hand the many advantages that technology has brought to the agricultural sector, and what the use of mechanized and precision farming can do for you.


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