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About iZolima



iZolioma was founded in 2014 when Eben Basson realised that the “honeymoon period” for Sugar Cane farmers was over and change and innovation was needed to maximise profitability.  Eben grew up in the Komatipoort area when his family has grown Sugar cane for more than 30years.  After school he went to the United States and worked in the John Deere factory and proceeded to Mozambique were he did Mechanical Harvesting.


To be recognised as the preferred partner in Mechanization of the Sugar Farming Industry, and rated as the leader in our selected specialised market


To deliver world class standard service to all our client by increasing our efficiency.  Keep our managers and staff up to date with new technology to provide better client service.

What makes iZolima different?

  • With a big fleet, iZolima can accommodate more than one client at a time.
  • Dedicated managers on site to ensure excellent work.
  • More than 60yrs of farming, land preparation and mechanical experience.
  • All iZolima’s equipment were sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide.

By welcoming iZolima onto your sugar farm, you will experience first-hand the many advantages that technology has brought to the agricultural sector, and what the use of mechanized and precision farming can do for you.


Mananga Road, Komatipoort, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Phone: +27 (071) 302 0420

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