Step into the World of Mechanized and Precision Farming

Let the first step be firmly anchored

Since 2014, iZolima has been successfully building its reputation to be the leader of mechanized and precision agriculture in the Sugarcane farming industry.

Increased Efficiency

Mechanized and precision farming is a proven and modern farming practice with the clear goal of increasing productivity, accuracy and efficiency.

Land Preparation

Our specialists will consult with you and work out a Land Preparation package to suit your requirements.

Trusted Machinery

All the tractors, implements and harvesters, were sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide to guarantee the best equipment for the task.

Mechanical Planting

Mechanical planting is much less labour intensive and can plant between 8-10ha per day.

Innovative Technology

All the iZolima tractors and harvesters are fitted with the latest farming and GPS technology for precision, repeatability and section control.

Mechanical Harvesting

All the Harvesters are equipped with Harvest monitors that enables cost saving decisions on harvesting and farming practices.

iZolima’s vision is to be recognised as the preferred partner in mechanization of sugar farming and to be the leader in it’s specialized market.¬†Find out more…

iZolima’s services include land preparation, mechanical planting, mechanical harvesting and spreading. Find out more about the services offered.

A Gallery of images showcasing iZolima in action, and to get a better idea of the fleet of machinery and services. Let the visuals speak for themselves.


By welcoming iZolima onto your sugar farm, you will experience first-hand the many advantages that technology has brought to the agricultural sector, and what the use of mechanized and precision farming can do for you.


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